Do You Even Clone, Bro?

Human cloning is something that humans have thought about for a long time. Every younger kid always dreamed about having a clone to do homework and do chores. Basically all the unfun things in life. Cloning is trying to be used for a greater purpose tonight, but does it go passed the likings of God? Humans have always wanted to push mankind over the limit to interfere with God’s plans with science.

Human cloning has been talked about more than ever in current issues. Many people have an issue with cloning because they are sceptical it goes against God’s wishes, but people have many different other ideas of how it is morally wrong. Some people think Human cloning could benefit the world and make it a better place to live. Every person has a right to voice their own opinion over these issues and people can make the right decision for the rest of human existence on if cloning will benefit humans.

I feel as though cloning is morally wrong because i fall in the crowd that thinks it is against God’s will. It is wrong to make copies of a person God made unique in their own way. Human life is supposed to come to an end and that is the way God intended it.

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Ethics is a large part of how far we can go in science. It will be a deciding factor in how far medicine progresses and how far science in general progresses. One major example of the uses in ethics in science is using unborn babies. Scientists are making babies in test tubes and basically cloning their DNA. The scientists are cloning the DNA to try to cure major diseases, cancer, and other major problems in the world. Many people have an issue with this because each person has a different opinion for when life has started. Some people say that life starts when the baby is born, and other people say it is when the fetus is first created in the mother’s womb.These are examples of extremely different thoughts but many people have a different opinion of of when life starts in between these examples.

The pursuit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing. It can cause humans to lose their emotions and voice their opinions in violent ways. People can get hurt in the pursuit of knowledge, but people must realize it is for the greater good. By doing this doctors will maybe save many lives in the near future.Humans are the only ones fighting each other for the best option in the world today. I feel that there are certain examples where science needs to go too far to make the world a better place. There are some instances where science should not attempt to change some things in the world. I feel as though the people of the world will pick the right outcome in acting upon these ethical dilemmas in science.

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Victor Frankenstein visits many different places in the book, “Frankenstein”, after he has created the monster. I feel as a blogger that Frankenstein is close with nature and it makes him feel happy. He is in his happy place as the movie “Happy Gilmore”, says. Frankenstein likes to see Mother Nature untouched by human hands. I think it reminds him to never make the mistake of messing with Mother Nature ever again. Frankenstein does this by making a life that God was not involved in making, and he should feel shame, because God will not love the monster because the monster is not his creation.

Frankenstein visits places that are cold and covered in ice in the book. When Victor visits these places he feels he is in a place that is cold just like his soul. His obsessions have led to a perfect symbol to represent the fate of Victor’s life. Victor’s fate has led him to a life that is fruitless, barren, frozen in time, and inevitably miserable. It is appropriate that he dies in ice because it is miserable to a human. I believe a human will naturally gravitate to something they mostly relate too. Sublime of nature is a good example of this theory.

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The two main characters in the book “Frankenstein”, by Mary Shelley, are obsessed with their greatest desires. Obsession is defined as the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc, (

One of the main characters was Victor Frankenstein. He was obsessed with destroying the monster that he created. Frankenstein drives himself to madness trying to find his creation. He is willing to give up his life to kill the creation that killed his loved ones. He dies on the boat in the cold while chasing the monster.

The second main character was the creation Victor Frankenstein created. The creation was obsessed with multiple different things. One of the things he was obsessed with was Frankenstein making him a mate. Another thing the creation was obsessed with was being like a normal human being. The creation not getting a mate drove the monster crazy causing him to go on a murderous rampage. He basically killed all of Frankenstein’s loved ones. The creation sacrificed his humanity over his obsessions.

The creator and creation have basically drove each other to obsession to kill one another. If Frankenstein would have thought all this through he would have never made the ugly creation and would have never thought to make a mate for the creation witched caused all this crazy mess to happen.


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Ethical Dilemma

An ethical dilemma is something that happens to every person some time in there life. It might be as small or it might be a big choice in someone’s life. Victor Frankenstein Has a major ethical dilemma when his creation tries to get Victor to make him a mate of the opposite sex. It is tough for Victor to make this choice, because the monster has done so much to destroy and kill people throughout the countryside.

If Victor creates a mate for his creation his monster will be a lot more happy in the already miserable life he has to live. The monster promises to move away from people if victor gives him a mate so he will not kill anymore humans. This gives Victor intensive to create this mate to get rid of his horrible creation that is killing people. Another side to this argument is Victor not making his creation a mate. He would not do this because he does not trust his creation to do what he says he will. His creation has also done so much harm that he does not want to see twice the damage.

I agree with what victor did in the book by making the mate. I would do it just because i would not want the monster in my life ever again.

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Nature vs Nurture

A main problem in society today is the fact that children act bad because they have a bad soul (nature), or they act bad because they are raised wrong (nurture). Nature vs nurture is defined as the main debate is about whether human behavior is determined by the environment, or by their genetic makeup, (Google dictionary).

The monster is left in the world with no guide to teach it how to act around other people. The creation has to learn about the world all by himself because he was basically raised by himself. If i was raised by myself, I do not know what I would do , i might have gone on a killing rampage if i was not taught differently. This is an example fighting for nurture because it focuses on how the monster was raised and not on his soul. The DeLacey family and books play a big role in how the monster develops as a thoughtful intellectual. by learning how to read and observing the family he becoming more human and it make him start to seem like an smarter, kind monster. He uses his observations an tells his creator about it in the ice cave and how he is learning.

The monster has gone through many hardships in his short amount of life. These hardships include rejection and abandonment from his master and mankind, he has also been isolated from any contact with living animals and humans because of the way the monster looks. I feel like the monster will never like mankind in the way humans can because he was disowned from basic human rights and principals. I feel a lot of sympathy for the monster because i do not feel it is his fault what he has become.

as stated throughout the blog post I feel as thought the reason the monster is a savage is because he was not brought up into a good lifestyle, (nurture). the monster was not born with hatred in his hear he just had to be taught by himself.

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Role of Parents

Victor has a major responsibility of his creation because it is a large monster that can rampage and kill everyone involved with it. He should have keep it in his house and not allowed it to leave. he learned the consequence of not locking up the monster because it killed his brother William. Victors creation also killed Justine and I feel that if the monster is not locked up by its creator then it will kill multiple people that will become the creations victim.

The monster probably feels unloved by Victor because Victor is scared of the monstrosity he created. Victor woke up in bed the night after making the monster, and the monster was staring at him when Victor woke up. The monster seems like it has a softer side and just wants to have a connection with another human being. the monster feels like he is a freak and is nothing like a human. I feel that it is a parents job to teach their creations (kids) how to act in a public setting. many kids today are untaught by their parents on how to correctly listen to adults. people see a lot of this at a store. the monster is basically Victors child and is not taught how to act.

Children try to be good people but they don’t know how if they are not taught. all humans have an initial feeling to want to be loved by another and the monster never gets this love. I feel like the monster is trying to meet people but freaks out and does not mean to kill his victim.

Victor does not fulfill his resposibility toward the monster and does not teach him how to act around other people because he is scared of his creation. Victor would not be a good parent.

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